Wednesday, February 05, 2014 12:27:05 PM

How DAM Impacts 5 Key Trends in Digital Marketing 

As the trend for 2014 continues to be content creation, our users are seeing a growing need for workflow efficiency, quick turn-around time and the ability to sort, search and locate assets for distribution. DAM/asset collaboration systems are no longer tools just for asset managers and production teams, but also for Marketing and Communications teams as well. Read more in DAM Coalition's recent article titled What to Watch in 2014: How DAM Impacts 5 Key Trends in Digital Marketing.

DAM solutions can no longer be looked as merely software that allows users to manage their digital assets from a single repository.  No longer is it only the digital librarian who needs a solution to the ever-growing number of assets to tag and store. Today, the near-simultaneous creation and consumption of visual assets is changing the role of DAM, as well as the people who need the solution. - Kirsten Foon

Read the full article here.

Posted by Jennifer McClary
Thursday, January 30, 2014 6:11:11 PM

oh hello, globaledit 

Our technology has always been cutting edge, so it was about time that our look was too.  We're proud to announce that a faster, smarter, more beautiful globaledit is just around the corner.  In the coming weeks we'll be launching a new globaledit website and brand.  

"With the brand re-launch, we've matched our aesthetic with the innovative tech culture we're known for." said Steve Kalalian, CEO of Industrial Color Brands.  "globaledit's mobile and web products are about simplicity and powerful features that provide game-changing value to clients.  We wanted our new site and brand to reflect what globaledit is all about."

Our focus has been on improving the overall user experience while providing rich content dedicated to creative decision makers and users.  So you'll get better looking, more engaging content, more often.  

"In the last year, we've significantly increased our release velocity, built amazing iOS applications and received great feedback from clients as we continue to innovate across the board." -Geoff Brookins, CTO

Additional groundbreaking technologies slated to release over the coming months include robust mobile markup tools for video, unmatched HD playback performance and more.

Stay tuned for news on the launch keynote event on February 20!



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Thursday, January 16, 2014 2:50:49 PM

For Creatives, By Creatives. For Real. 

When we say creative production is in our DNA, we mean it.  Our sister company, Industrial Color Productions, collaborated with director Nathan Brown to create the concert visuals for Jay Z's Magna Carter World Tour.  They shot and edited the entire project right here in our Tribeca headquarters making use of the office's industrial look- and even some of our own employees.  You'll see one of our Exec's transformed to look like Big Brother in the lo-fi surveillance aesthetic.  


The inspiration for the visual language of Jay-Z’s Magna Carter Holy Grail tour came from a collection of images of redacted government materials, surveillance imagery, and low-fi hacker culture – as if the entire time the show was going on – we were being watched by big brother and the information we were receiving was being recorded, audited, and censored. After the original references were collected – I spent eight days working 24/7 with Industrial Color to bring the ideas to life, working hand-in-hand with their production team sourcing materials for two-days of in-house shooting.... The entire project was a perfect example of vertical integrated fluidity – and the importance of utilizing multiple services under one roof.

– Director, Nathan Brown

When you work here, you never know- you might just end up on stage with Jay Z.  Check out more behind the scenes here

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Thursday, January 09, 2014 10:51:38 AM

Snackinar Featuring Mobile Markups  


It's 2014 and we know professionals are becoming more reliant on mobile workflow tools than ever.  We designed the GLOBALedit app for iOS to meet the growing need for asset approvals on the go. GLOBALedit users have been using our apps to connect teams all over the world and ensure that no production veers off schedule.

The GLOBALedit mobile markup tool is one of the most advanced and intuitive the industry has seen to-date. This new feature brings full functionality to markup photos on your iPhone or iPad.

...and with the Super Zoom feature you can view and annotate your retina-ready images right in the palm of your hand to be sure no detail is missed. 

Check out the game changing new feature in this month's Snackinar here.  I also feature a refresh for a few important tools you may have missed - Collaborative Lightboxes and Uplink file renaming. They're available in your globaledit account today.

Stay connected for more big news from our team in the coming months.
-Matt Glueckert, Product Manager


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Friday, December 20, 2013 11:03:15 AM

Industrial Color Brands Holiday Hoedown! 

Last night the Industrial Color Brands family got together for a good ol’ fashioned Holiday Hoedown!! We brought in 15 bales of hay and a four-piece Bluegrass band that brought the house down.  The folks from GLOBALedit, Impact DigitalFast Ashleys Studios, and Industrial Color captured the fun in our farm themed photo booth.  Check out the gallery here


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Tuesday, December 10, 2013 5:22:29 PM

Snackinar Featuring New Mobile Features 

Thanks to all of you who attended our second GLOBALedit Snackinar!  In this next bite-sized webinar Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, introduced the newest features of our native iOS mobile apps.  These include full library access, ratings, and hi-res images.  He also covers accessing your GLOBALedit jobs, making rapid fire image selects, and how to use stars and notes- All from your iPhone. 

Check out the recording of the New Mobile Features Snackinar here.


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Thursday, November 07, 2013 12:11:43 PM

How Do You Provide an Optimal Experience for Creatives On-The-Go? 

How do you balance the smaller footprint of mobile and the need to deliver content through networks that you may not control?  Digital Asset Management Coalition looked to our Chief Technology Officer, Geoff Brookins, to find out.  


DAM Coalition: Tell us a little about what keeps you up at night and how that reflects on providing an optimal experience for creatives on-the-go.
Geoff Brookins: Performance and usability keep me up at night. Redundancy and scalability issues don't.
Let me explain.
It's relatively easy when you have a strong Engineering team to solve demanding uptime and SLA requirements. Sure scaling can be difficult but with dark launches [changing backend functionality while keeping the front-end the same, or launching to smaller user populations (the 1% test)] it is primarily an Engineering issue. One thing the Engineering team at GLOBALedit likes to do is solve complex, technical problems -- so though not simple, it is a process of risk mitigation and optimization. At the end of the day, the success of your solution is defined by how much your end-users love interacting with it.
And where does performance and usability fit in? Why do we struggle so much with them?
Mobile is a different world right now. With so many devices on Android and iOS, usability and performance can be very difficult to get right.
Take performance. Performance is a key driver in any business. Any mobile app today needs to create a connection with its customers. One way to do that is to provide as quickly as possible, a way for users to interact with your application. To get in, get work done, and get on their way. Everyone appreciates speed, but usability and experience in a beautiful User Interface (UI) is the tricky part of the equation.
Creating intuitive interfaces is a very difficult thing to accomplish. Designing for varying screen dimensions and aspect ratios is hard. Stripping away the buttons, fields and clutter that drive users crazy and making a mobile app easily usable is truly a refined art. I interview hundreds of candidates each year and probably 2-3 understand how to design a feature as simply and elegantly as possible.
The logistics around performance and usability in Mobile apps are obviously a challenge, but what’s the biggest issue you run into?
Quite simply, we don't own the last mile. We don't even own the last thousand miles for many of our clients. Designing applications that handle sub-standard performance is a challenge in New York City, let alone many of the countries in which we operate. We are working to mitigate those issues, but if customers are not able to access the key images or videos that drive their business within our application [GLOBALedit], it's game over. And it may have nothing to do with our software or network, but their last mile -- it's all perception. This is what we keep in mind everyday when designing our new GLOBALedit iPad app Tune in on November 13 at 2pm to get insights on how Creative Production is going mobile with GLOBALedit. We will be showing some sneak peaks.
So how do you mitigate the challenges of the ‘last mile’?
A number of ways. We utilize a third party performance monitoring system that measures "Availability" and "Uptime". I learned early in my career that an application can be "up" as in the server in Texas is running, but not "available" as there is a fiber-cut near your office and you are unable to access the app on your Android or iOS device. Measuring these two data points becomes very helpful (and here at GLOBALedit, we measure around 42,000 times per month) in detecting and anticipating performance issues that your clients maybe having. The up-time of GLOBALedit relies on this, hence the satisfaction of the GLOBALeditt user base.
What are some other ways to improve performance?
Using a CDN (content delivery network) is one way, and many companies do. But it can potentially raise security concerns, as sensitive images or videos can be stored on another companies’ servers. Other ways include measuring every page-level object and making performance a feature. At many of my previous companies -- rallying engineering to shave off one second to milliseconds off of a page load in a mobile app can have an significant impact on performance and is something that every engineer can measure, create a baseline, and code against.
And what about Usability? What can really be done around it?
Software only gets more complicated. Different customers want different things. Should you create different apps for different customers? What if I'm a power user versus someone who just downloaded the app yesterday? Getting to the essence of a product or feature, focusing on what is important, and removing distractions are major challenges. Many companies struggle with Sales because they don't have a clear strategy. A clear strategy is picking three things to really focus on - not fifteen. GLOBALedit has been designed with this focus in mind, and we make sure everyday that the product is going in the direction that makes the most sense for the market, fulfilling a specific set of needs. The challenge is to design one single product that has benefits for very different customers. When companies lose sight of this priority when designing a mobile app in this environment of fragmentation, the result is often useless software with many uses.
Thanks for taking the time today to share with us some of your thoughts. One last question before you go...what do you like to do for fun?
I like to build and create things. I started with blocks and Legos as a child and never stopped. GLOBALedit is already of remarkable and robust construction, but we have big plans to revolutionize creative production and give creatives back their weekends and evenings : - ) 
To learn more register for the next GLOBALedit Webinar How Creative Production Goes Mobile with GLOBALedit on November 13 at 2pm, where Geoff and the product team will chat about GLOBALedit apps being built for iPhone and iPad and how technology is creating opportunities for creatives.



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Wednesday, November 06, 2013 10:40:50 AM

Creative Production Goes Mobile with GLOBALedit 


Creative production is changing fast. We’re now a mobile generation that expects to work on-the-go and at any time. Today’s leading creative and production teams are embracing technology in new ways to eliminate bottlenecks, slash production time and cut costs.

GLOBALedit continues to lead the way by building the next generation mobile workflow tools for review, approval, distribution and management of creative digital assets.

Join us for a sneak peek into the future of workflow. Register here.

Attend our webinar to learn about the apps GLOBALedit is building for iPhone and iPad and hear from our in-house product team to hear ways technology is creating opportunities for our industry.

During this session we will cover the following hot topics regarding iOS and mobile for creative production:

  • iOS native vs HTML 5
  • Pre-load and work off the grid
  • Utilize iOS 7 technologies for a better experience
  • Seamless web-iPad-iPhone experience 


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Friday, October 25, 2013 10:11:31 AM

Snackinar Featuring the Super Zoom 

Super Zoom

Thanks to everyone who attended our first Snackinar! This bite-sized webinar series got off to a great start with insight into our new Super Zoom feature. Super Zoom replaces classic zoom with new controls, increased image resolution and browsing speed. See more of each image in more detail. Other features include Multi-Select and Download Assets, Downloading Metadata, and more Job Properties Detail.

Check out the recording of this Snackinar here.

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Friday, October 11, 2013 9:37:48 AM

GLOBALedit at North Plains' Ngage 

The GLOBALedit team had a wonderful time at Ngage last week in Niagara Falls! Thanks to our partner, North Plains for hosting such a wonderful event loaded with industry leaders and thought-provoking sessions.

Have a look at the video above featuring our very own Jody Martinez for a recap of the event as well as information about our partnership with North Plains.

Posted by Jennifer McClary
Friday, September 20, 2013 3:18:25 PM

Webinar Recording: 5 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line  

Thank you to everyone who attended 5 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

For your convenience, you can view the recording here and download our FREE Whitepaper on ROI & Business Benefits.
Webinar: 5 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line
This webinar is all about ROI!
The world's leading brands use GLOBALedit to manage their creative production workflow. Find out how they've increased production speed, reduced errors, cut costs, and empowered their teams to create beautiful, winning content faster and easier than ever before.
During the webinar creatives will learn how to resolve the pain points around:  
  1. Disconnected Assets
  2. Review & Approval Bottlenecks
  3. Contact Sheet Creation & Distribution
  4. Markups, Sharing & Collaboration Processes
  5. Locating & Distributing Assets
Whitepaper:  ROI & Business Benefits
Download our whitepaper to learn how to start saving with GLOBALedit.
Topics Include:
  • Hidden costs and waste exposed!
  • 15 ROI Benefits
  • 9 Use Cases
  • How GLOBALedit can save you hundreds of thousands of $'s per year


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 3:39:53 PM

How Do You Use GLOBALedit? 

 We’re excited to introduce our new Customer Insight Blog Series.  Here we’ll take a peek into various positions within several creative industries, and see how GLOBALedit helps them better manage their workflow. Because who better to learn from than you, our users?

Our first series kicks off with the Lab Technician.
Who: Ryan Shanley, Head of Lab Services
Use Case: Industrial Color offers full lab services including file archival and asset distribution. Ryan uses GLOBALedit to streamline and slash production time for both her and her clients’ teams.
-So what are your responsibilities as a Digital Lab Technician? 
As a lab tech, I am responsible for archiving all of Industrial Color’s clients’ digital assets to both an on and off-site backup tape.  I utilize a program called Retrospect that allows management of multiple servers; techs can locate any file at any time and we can assure that all assets are backed up and secure. 
Additionally, I coordinate all post-production for Industrial Color.  I work with art directors and individual photographers, to pull and deliver imagery, process selects, develop broad edits, print contact sheets and selects and develop an organizational structure for their assets.  I use GLOBALedit to streamline the overall process for both my clients and I. Clients include NY & Co., Justice (Tween Brands), Victoria’s Secret (Direct, Stores and PINK Brands), NBC and more.  GLOBALedit allows instant imagery uploads online so Art Directors can make selects, write imagery notes, and send groups of images called Lightboxes so there is no waiting on hard drives. Being able to share these images immediately cuts production time significantly and makes everyone happy. No more shipping of printed copies or lost hard drives!
-What is the process for a typical job?
A fashion client finishes shooting Day 2 (in our world, Day 1 is usually a pre-light day, so not processing before Day 2…).  The creative team sends us a drive and we upload the Broad Edit Jpegs to a job folder in GLOBALedit.  In GLOBALedit the Art Director can then make selects from anywhere on their iPad, their computer or even a Light Table (which is basically an iPad, but the size of a table…so that’s pretty cool).  They then put their selects into a Lightbox and send that over to me.  After receiving an email notification I open the Lightbox using my designated IC Lab Tech login and all I have to do is click one button and ALL of the file names are copied.  I can drop this list in one copy/paste into a dedicated application and locate all of the RAW imagery in about 2 minutes.  The Lightbox tool and filename copy feature make my job as a lab tech so easy.  This saves so much time!  Without GLOBALedit, I would have to go in and individually copy every file name into a Word or Excel document, then copy that list into one of my programs before I could even begin to search for RAW imagery.  I know by experience that clients thatdon’t use this kind of technologyand don’t provide lists of imagery require this process and it really hurts their workflow speed.
-What challenges/obstacles do you encounter on a daily basis?
Speed and accuracy are the two most important aspects of my job.  Clients always want their imagery right away.  They want to send a list of images and have them sent back to them immediately and securely.  Unfortunately, RAW files are very large and email has size limitations.  GLOBALedit allows both JPEGs and RAW files to be uploaded into the cloud.  A client can then access selects and download for a retoucher to begin working immediately.  No one needs to wait to send images within 5 different emails, or compressing files to remain under file size limitations. The most critical to the process are speedy delivery, easy client access, file organization, and in-cloud editing. And GLOBALedit provides it all.
-What are some of your other favorite workflow tools?
In addition to GLOBALedit of course, my favorite programs are  Capture, EasyFind, BetterFinderRenamer, TextWrangler, PrintWindow, PhotoMechanic, and Lightroom.   

Thank you Ryan! 
We’d love to hear from you too! How do you use GLOBALedit?  What are your daily challenges?  The team here is constantly working on making creative workflow even easier.  So tell us- What is your perspective?
Posted by Jennifer McClary
Wednesday, September 04, 2013 10:17:59 AM

Webinar: Produce More. Spend Less. 5 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line with GLOBALedit 

Register today to attend our next webinar and receive our whitepaper "ROI & Business Benefits". Wednesday, September 18, 2013 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM ET

This webinar is all about ROI! 

The world's leading brands use GLOBALedit to manage their creative production workflow. Find out how they've increased production speed, reduced errors, cut costs, and empowered their teams to create beautiful, winning content faster and easier than ever before.

As a result of this webinar, attendees will be able to provide tangible insight to their organization, help speed up production and get to market faster.

During the webinar creatives will learn how to:

  • Improve communication through real-time collaboration and unified workflow processes.
  • Save time and money wasted on disorganized search processes, dysfunctional storage media, and eliminating internal hardware, IT and data center costs.
  • Slash production time by automating processes and distributing production content at high-speed Keep your organization safe and secure with audited system security, activity tracking and reporting.
  • Eliminate risk of releasing unauthorized images.
  • Save money and help the environment by reducing the use of prints and shipping hard drives.

Register today.

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Friday, August 23, 2013 10:58:10 AM

Feature Update: Simultaneous Job Upload & More 

Thanks to our customers’ feedback, we’re able to continuously provide even better features for GLOBALedit users.  Here are a few new updates that you can start using right away! 
Simultaneous Job Upload
In an effort to save time and increase efficiency, users can now modify jobs during uploads. You can upload, append derivatives, create, move, rename, add & delete folders AND assets all at the same time!
Learn more here.
Name Change: ‘Dropbox’ to ‘Uplink’
In order to improve user ease and clarity, we are now referring to ‘Dropbox’ as UplinkUplink is a simple upload portal to send to anyone who needs to upload directly to a job or folder.  Check out a short demo here.
GLOBALedit & XINET Integration
XINET allows GLOBALedit users to take captured and approved images to final layout seamlessly.  Using the tools together just got even easier.  We’ve created custom field mapping for XINET metadata schemas.  Watch the webinar recording to learn more about our integration with XINET. 
P.S.  We’ve also made GLOBALedit’s search functionality more comprehensive- making it easier to find exactly what you need.  Search performance has improved and is returning even more relevant results to users every time they look.
Posted by Jennifer McClary
Monday, August 19, 2013 9:27:00 AM

Tips & Tricks: Using Keyboard Commands for Fast Editing 

Here's a useful short cut guide for using keyboard commands within GLOBALedit. 

Increase your workflow productivity by using Keyboard Commands to streamline making ratings and switching tools. Keyboard commands are available for a variety of functions within GLOBALedit.

Keyboard Commands

Select All
CTRL + A / Command + A
Shift + ? 
Shift + B 
Switch to Asset Notes
Shift + N 
Switch to Metadata Editor
Shift + M 
Switch to Markup Editor
Shift + K 
Switch to Contact Sheet
Shift + C 
Switch to Derivative Manager
Shift + D 
Star Rating
0 - 5 
Switch to Text Tool
Switch to Pen Tool
Switch to Hand Tool
Save Metadata
CTRL + S / Command + S 

We even designed a keyboard command to access an entire list of commands! Try this by pressing SHIFT + ? on your keyboard. This window is also accessible if you prefer to select the icon (see screenshot below).



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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 3:26:56 PM

How Many Images Go Into a New Pilot or Season?  

Along with the heat, the summer brings a slew of new television series and seasons. GLOBALedit took a look into the amount of photo production that goes into promoting a new season, or an entirely new show. GLOBALedit's clients are able to share everything from episodic images to key art visuals amongst their team for markups and approvals/kills.

GLOBALedit is processing over 150,000 assets for Media & Entertainment clients alone during the months leading up to a premier.

The GLOBALedit iPad app even allows talent to make approvals for themselves from anywhere in the world. GLOBALedit's ability to handle massive amounts of assets, as well as its global connectivity, has transformed this formerly tedious process into a much more manageable workflow for the entertainment industry's top players.

Below we highlight just how many images go into a series' promotional campaign. We would also like to extend our "congratulations" to the following clients for their incredible work on these new series and seasons! 

Graceland: 26,303 via GLOBALedit

Copper: 11,188 assets via GLOBALedit

Dexter: 9,128 via GLOBALedit

Ray Donovan: 6,021 via GLOBALedit

Posted by Jennifer McClary
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 3:11:00 PM

Pro Photo Coalition’s Exclusive Interview with Industrial Color Brands 

Industrial Color Brands' CEO, Steve Kalalian sat down with the Pro Photo Coalition to talk about the evolution of the creative production companies Industrial Color, Impact Digital, Fast Ashleys Studios, and GLOBALedit.

23 Years ago we started as a 2-person graphics team... We decided to focus on being a graphics design firm specializing in fashion and photography promotion... We really got the bug for high end retouching pretty quickly.

That two person team grew into a family of vertically integrated companies that service each phase of creative production.

A light bulb went off and I said we need to make it really simple for traditional photographers to transition to digital with a phone call.  So digital as a service was really invented in 2000.  In two rolling cases you could run an entire pre press powerhouse.

To learn more about the inner workings of Industrial Color Brands, read the full interview here!


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Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:26:49 AM

GLOBALedit: See it LIVE! Recording 

Thank you to everyone who attended GLOBALedit: See it LIVE!

For your convenience, you can view the recording here.

In this webinar attendees got a behind-the-scenes view of how GLOBALedit works and why it is so valuable - for all types of creatives. We will review the core GLOBALedit features, walk through the most popular workflows, and take a look at how different types of users interact with the platform.

Highlights included:

  • Uploading at warp speed
  • Simultaneous markup and file sharing
  • Distributed metadata tagging
  • Approvals on the go with iPad

Posted by Jennifer McClary
Monday, July 01, 2013 9:19:19 AM

GLOBALedit and JPEGmini Featured by Bloomberg Business Week 


Bloomberg Business Week recently spoke with Sharon Carmel and Dror Gill, the founder/CEO and CTO, of Beamr (Tel Aviv-based media technology company). Beamr technology's JPEGmini has teamed up with GLOBALedit to utilize image compression technology that has the capability to reduce the file size of photos without damaging quality.

To read more about this collaborative innovation in technology on Bloomberg click here!


Posted by Jennifer McClary
Monday, June 17, 2013 9:17:34 AM

Industrial Color at Le Book Connections NYC 

Industrial Color Brands exhibited together at Le Book Connections New York in Soho last week. Representatives from all divisions, including GLOBALedit, Industrial Color, Impact Digital, and Fast Ashleys Studios were on hand to unveil new products and services and talk shop with the industry’s top creative professionals and brands. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth to learn more about our capabilities!

Posted by Jennifer McClary

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